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The cost of Fuel Door Fix was the best $19.95 Canadian I ever spent. The product worked perfectly and saved me time and money! Thanks for developing
this wonderfully simple solution to a manufacturing defect.

Jake B., Syracuse, NY USA

The Fuel Door Fix Install Instructions
The Fuel Door Fix installation guide requires Adobe Reader or a similar Poscript Document Format reading program.
  A free copy of the ADOBE READER can be found here:
Installation Video
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It's really that easy!
Installing our product takes less than 10 minutes with all the right our installation video and you'll see!
" As a Honda Technician, I feel this is the most economical and innovative repair for the troublesome 01-05 Civic fuel door cable breakage. I highly recommend it over and above purchasing a new cable as it elliminates the problem at its source"

Steve O'Rourke
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