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How to open your 2001 - 2005 Honda Civic or Acura EL stuck fuel door.
1. First pop the trunk and on the driver's side remove both inner trunk liner clips ( Pic#1 )

2. Pull back the liner at the top to expose the inner trunk
( Pic#2 ) 

3. Reach your hand in behind the stiffener panel and locate the release plunger
( Pic#3 )

4. Turn the plunger 90 degrees counter clockwise to release the door. ( Pic#4 )

5. Remove the plunger and go ahead and fill up your car! ( Pic#5 )
Our repair kit will permanently fix the fuel door lever and eliminate this problem!
Welcome to The Fuel Door Fix Website! Our Honda fuel door cable repair fix is truly one of a kind! Please select an option from the link menu below to learn more about our wonderful product.